Iron Hill and Mattoon News Items In The Earlington Bee 1901-1902

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Mrs. S. W. Woody [Sobrina Wilmoth (Brown) Woody]



Mrs. S. W. Woody, widow of Alex Woody, one of Crittenden's best known citizens has just returned from Louisiana, where she has been visiting three of her sons, J. W., R. H. and Bonnie.


Mrs. Woody states that on her return she was accompanied as far as Vicksburg, Miss. by R. H. Woody and wife. After spending a few days in Vicksburg with friends visiting sites of old battle fields of the Civil war, she came on to Maion [Marion].


Mrs. Woody has sons scattered pretty well all over the United States and she derives a great deal of pleasure from visiting them.


She was honored in the late war by having two sons commissioned as Captains. One, Burt E. will retire in August having served continuously since the outbreak of the Spanish-American War.


The many connections and friends which are many will read with interest that all these boys are doing well and have always strived to uphold the reputation that goes with Crittenden county boys.


Source:  The Crittenden Press. (Marion, Ky.) 1919-Current, April 30, 1920, Image 2 - Chronicling America - The Library of Congress.

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