JOHN BOYD was born May 10, 1882, in Caldwell County, Ky., and is a son of John and Mildred (Goodall) Boyd. The father came with his parents to Barren County, Ky., from Virginia, and was raised on a farm; with two of his brothers, came to Lyon, then part of Caldwell County. He acquired a large property, and died in 1863; his wife died two years previous. They had twelve children, three living: Mary A. (Young), James, and John, who is the seventh child. He was educated in the local schools, and at Pittsfield, Ill., where he lived four years with a sister. At nineteen, he returned to Kentucky and clerked two years for William Long. He next was appointed deputy sheriff under his brother-in-law, J. T. Young, from 1861 to 1864, at a time when such was the danger to life that none could be found willing to take the office. In March, 1864, he was appointed sheriff by the court, and in August of the same year; was re-elected in 1868-72-74. Since going out of office in 1876, he has been variously engaged in trading and speculating. March 12, 1872, he married Eliza Henry, nee, Gracy. They are blessed with two children, Marie and Bessie. Mr. and Mrs. Boyd are highly respected in the community.


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