JOHN W. CLARK was born November 7, 1826, in Adams County, Ohio. His father, William, was brought to America in 1802, when seven years old, by his father, John, who settled in Lancaster County, Penn., where he died. In 1823, William came to Greenup County, Ky., where in September, 1825, he married Elizabeth Warnock. He next moved to Adams County, Ohio; then in 1828 he moved back to Greenup County, Ky., thence to Montgomery County, Tenn. in 1834, where he remained twelve years, and in 1846 he moved to Caldwell County (now Lyon), Ky., locating on a farm, where December 23, 1866 he died. His widow is still living at the age of seventy-eight years, a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. His father's limited circumstances prevented him (John W.) from obtaining an early education, but at twenty-four, having sold a horse, which he raised from a colt, he was enabled to attend school at Bethlehem Academy two sessions, in 1851 and 1852. He then taught school in Lyon and Caldwell Counties in 1853 and 1854. In 1855 he attended Jones' Commercial College in St. Louis, and obtained a certificate of qualification. In 1855 he same to Eddyville, and accepted a position as salesman in a clothing store. He was deputy county clerk under M. M. Tyler, and one year with N. T. Boswell as salesman; was next salesman for Robert Black in the wholesale and retail grocery business for the year 1857, and buying out Black conducted the business himself up to 1861, during three years of the time he was postmaster. In 1862 he was county superintendent of common schools, and in 1863 was deputy sheriff. In May, 1864, he was appointed clerk of Lyon County Court and also of the Lyon Circuit Court, and in June, 1865, he was appointed master commissioner of the Lyon Circuit Court, which position he held for sixteen years. In August, 1865, he was elected by the people to the offices of county court clerk and circuit court clerk, which position of county court clerk he held for six years, and he has held the position of circuit court clerk for the past twenty-one years. He is a member of the town board, as well as trustee of Academy, is also a member of the A. F. & A. M. March 11, 1857, he was united in marriage with Lucy A. Boyd, of Eddyville. They have one child living—James F. Mrs. Clark is a Methodist.


Source:  J. H. Battle, W. H. Perrin, & G. C. Kniffin. Kentucky. A History of the State. Louisville, KY, Chicago, IL: Battey, 1885. Pages 851-852.