Source:  Wilson County, Tennessee, Wills & Inventories, Nov Term 1848, page 70.

A Settlement with Alfred Eskew Exr. of Benjamine Eskew
decd. The Exr. reported an acct. of sales of property of the
estate of Benjamine Eskew decd. to May Term 1843
which amounts to this amount                              $69.99
He reported at the same Cash on hand                        5.40
    One note which has been collected                       6.00
    One acct that has been collected                        2.25

The Exr. is entitled to the following credits
    Archibald Carver acct. for coffin           $4.00
    William Chandler's acct.                     2.32&1/2;    $81.58&1/2;
Clerks fee For Exr. bond, Recording will
and copy letters asto ????? & copy and qualification
& record of same. Recording ???????????????? acct
of sales amounts                            $1.75
Making reporting & recording settlement      2.50         $ 5.25

Exr. allowed for selling property collecting
proceeds of sales of property ??? & distributing
estate and all other services not ???
the ??? of the estate                                     $15.00
Amt. on hands for distribution                            $55.00
between Elizabeth Baird, Alfred Eskew,
Jane Eskew, Andrew Eskew, Wm. Eskew,
Parthena Smart, Charles Eskew, Nancy C. Eskew,
Ben. J. Eskew, Wily Eskew, Fanny Eskew and
Robbert Eskew. 12 Legatees    share of each is            $ 4.58 1/3

 Nov 21st 1848

 J. S. McClain Clerk
of Wilson County Court

 State of Tennessee Wilson County Court Nov Term 1848

 A settlement with Alfred Eskew Exr. of Ben. Eskew
decd. was reported by the clerk and confirmed & ordered
to be recorded.

 Dec 15th 1848

J. S. McClain Clerk
of Wilson County Court