November 2, 1893




Mine Host, Jas. Smith, of Crittenden Springs, Sets a Bird and 'Possum Supper.


It was a splendid affair.  The "'possum and 'taters," was delicious beyond description; the quail-on-toast was simply superb, and the "sulphur water" was sweetened and otherwise prepared to gratify the taste of anybody and everybody.

Monday evening about dusk a party of fourteen left Marion for Crittenden Springs, upon invitation of Mr. Jas. Smith, the manager of the Springs, to assist in the principal act of an 'opossum and quail supper.

'Opossums were there in all of their plentitude, and quails were there in coveys, and they were such 'possums as only Crittenden county persimmons can flavor for such occasions and quails as plump as they grow in that famous neighborhood.

The great dining room was festooned with the gay colors of the autum[n] leaves, wreathed with the wild vines, blushing with the first kisses of frost, and smiled with the beauty of the wild woods.  No homage ever paid to salaried cook of king or potentiate [potentate] would do justice to the culinary arrangement of this occasion.  Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Dulaney superintended the preparation of the opossums and quails, and pencil is too short to adequately sing the praises of the deliciousness of such viads [viands].  After the glorious supper. Mr. O. M. James was chosen toast master and eloquent responses to the toast were but little short of the famous post prandial orations of Chancey [Chauncey] Depew.  Properly lubricate with 'possum gravey [gravy] the tongues of Gus. D. Craine, C. S. Nunn, Sam Gugenheim, J. N. Clark, Dr. Swope, A. C. Moore, C. J. Pierce[,] Jno. Franks, Wm. Freeman, O. S. Young, H. K. Woods, W. D. Baird, W. D. Wallingford, command the language of all tongues, and handle sentiment as profusly [profusely] as the whaleback handle passengers to the World's Fair, and their high flights of eloquence are exceeded only by the altitudiness of the Ferris Wheel.  It was a great occasion.


Source:  Crittenden Press. (Marion, Ky.) 1879-1907, November 2, 1893, Image 3 - Chronicling America - The Library of Congress.


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