June 7, 1906



Fire Started in Postoffice Block and Fanned By the Wind Sperad [sic] Rapidly



Last Thursday morning at 3:15 a disastrous fire broke out in the residence of Mrs. Clifton, widow of the late J. H. Clifton, and mother of our townsmen, Will, Lewis and Tom Clifton, and on account of the early early [sic] hour and the dry weather, was soon beyond control.

Mrs. Clifton's residence and her store room and all her furniture were consumed, her loss being about $6000 with only $1250 insurance.  She and her two daughters, Mrs. F. F. Charles, of Brazil, Tenn., and Miss Nelle, and her grandson, Emmet Clifton, barely escaped with their lives, losing most of their wearing apparel.  Mrs. Charles also lost all of her household goods which were stored there preparatory to their removal to Tennessee.

Brown & Dalton's loss on stock was about $1000 with $500 insurance.

E. M. Dalton's loss on house was $1000 with $350 insurance.

S. H. Cassidy & Co., tobacco factory, loss $3500, no insurance.

S. H. Cassidy, residence and contents, loss $4000, with $1300 insurance.

Brasher & Campbell, general merchants, loss $4000, insurance $2600.

Deckers livery stable, loss $500, no insurance.

J. B. Wadlington's residence, loss $1000, no insurance.

Obe Simmons residence, loss $800, no insurance.

Griffin & Wells, warehouse, loss $500, no insurance.

It is said that the citizens are undaunted and that a new and better town will take the place of the old which the Press confidently hopes and believes.


Source:  Crittenden Press. (Marion, Ky.) 1879-1907, June 7, 1906, Image 8 - Chronicling America - The Library of Congress.


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