October 10, 1907


Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas.


If you will allow me space in the columns of your valuable paper, I will once more try and give the readers of the RECORD-PRESS a few items from Fort Leavenworth, which may prove of interest to some.

We are now drilling from three to four hours a day preparing for a trip to St. Joseph, Missouri, at which place we will go for the opening of the Carnival, which opens September 23rd.  The 18th Infantry will give an exhibition drill which at present is causing a great deal of hard work for the men of the 18th Infantry, we will remain at St. Joseph for 3 days returning to Fort Leavenworth, September the 28th, and then the work will begin, preparing for a long and wearisome journey for the Phillipine [sic] Islands for which the 18th Infintry [sic] will proceed by rail for San Francisco, Cal., arriving about Oct. 4th, and from that Port will embark od [sic] the United States Army Transport Sheridan en route for the Phillipine [sic] Islands sailing about October 7th, and will go by the way of the Hawaiian Islands which is about 7 days sail from San Francisco and at which Port we will coal up, being there for a period of three days which will give the boys an opportunity to visit the city of Honolulu.

The next stop after leaving Honolulu, will be Nagasaki Japan, we will lay there for a period of 2 days, giving the boys in blue a chance to visit the most important places of that city which the majority of them never had.  I myself, had the pleasure of visiting both the former cities several times before, but there are always something new to be seen in a foreign country which proves to be of interest to any one.

We will leave Fort Leavenworth over the Santa Fe R. R., going through the following States, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and California, and will give the boys of the 18th Infintry [sic] an opportunity of seeing a great deal of the western country.

I shall keep the data of my voyage across the Pacific and if any of the REDORD-PRESS [sic] think that it will prove of interest to them they may receive same by addressing "Burt E. Woody," Company D, 18th Infantry, Manila, P. I.

I shall take this means of bidding my friends and loved ones good-bye, wishing them much happiness and the worlds success.



Source:  Crittenden Record=Press. (Marion, Ky.) 1907-1909, October 10, 1907, Image 7 - Chronicling America - The Library of Congress.


[My comments are in brackets.]