September 14, 1893




The Roll of Office Holders of the Past and Present.

Those Who Have Been Honored by the People of Crittenden County.




The Democratic party out numbered the Whigs at the foundation of the county; but so little interest was manifested in politics and for lack of organization, the officers were often filled by Whigs.  Primary elections and county committees were unknown.  The field was open to anyone who wished to test his running qualities, therefore, there were often as many as a dozen aspirants for the same office, and sometimes one candidate ran for two or three different offices, at the same election.  This may seem strange to one reared in the age of party organization and partizan [sic] politics.  But such was the case at the early election held in the county.

The first election held under the constitution of 1850 was in May 1751 [sic].

The candidates for County Judge were D. W. Carter and Samuel L. Phillips Democrats.  M. A. Shanks Whig.  D. W. Carter was elected by a handsome plurality.

Candidates for County Clerk were W. H. Breats [?], R. G. Stewart Democrats; B. S. Young, R. L. Bigham Whigs.  B. S. Young was elected.

For Circuit Clerk, R. G. Stewart, T. L. R. Wilson Democrats; R. L. Bigham Whig.  Mr. Stewart was chosen by a large plurality.

For Sheriff, M. B. Haynes, Jas. Duvall, Chesley Nunn, J. W. Rutherford, Democrats.  This contest was rather spirited, but M. B. Haynes was elected.

Summer [Sumner] Marble, a Whig, was elected County Attorney without opposition.

A. J. Brasher, a Democrat, was elected Assessor over Jno. S. Fowler, Whig.

J. H. Bruff, Whig, was elected Jailer, over David Long.

Thos M. Duvall, Democrat, was elected surveyor, over G. C. Rocco [?], Whig.

Angerew [?] Franklin, Whig, was elected Coroner over Wm. Hogard, Dr. M. Bristow, Democrats, and G. W. Grubbs, Col. C. C. Lockett.


M. B. Haynes was re-elected Sheriff this year, defeating Ja. Duvall Democral [sic].

At December term County Court 1854 Mr. Haynes resigned and J. H. Walker was appointed.


This year the presidential contest infused some life into the county election.  The following ticket was elected.  (Please note that the first named was elected, and those following were the opponents).  "W" stands for Whig, "D" for Democrat, "Kn" for know-nothing and "Un" for union man or conservative Democrat:

County Judge.--J. W. McCollum D; Dr. J. C. Elder, D; majority small.

County Clerk.--B. S. Young, W; J. C. Jones, D; D. W. Carter, majority small.

County Attorney:--N. R. Black, R L Bigham, Whigs; majority large.

Sheriff:--J H Walker, D; Presley Cruce, D; E. R Pickering, W.

Jailer:--M. V. Rogsdale [?], W; J. H. Bruff, W; W. C. Carnahan, D.

Surveyor:--Thos. M. Duvall, D; no opposition.

Assessor:--Wm. Hoggard, D; J. W. Jenkins, D; A. H. Belt, D.

Coroner:--M. G. Gilbert, D; J. L. Paris, W.


Circuit Clerk:--Singleton Hodge, D; over R. F. Haynes, know-nothing.

J. H. Walker was elected Sheriff with out opposition.


This contest was between the Democrats and Know-nothings; the Democrats succeeded in electing all but Sheriff and County Clerk.

County Judge:--D. W. Carter, D; R. H. Haynes, Kn; maj large.

[County Clerk:--]B. S. Young, Kn; J. C. Jones, D; maj. small.

County Attorne[y]:--R. G. Stewart, D; no opposition.

[Sheriff:--]J. A. Yandell, Kn; G. H. Towery, D; maj. large.

Jailer:--A. C. Gilbert, D; opposition not known.

Surveyor:--C. R. Cain, D; no opposition.

Assessor:--A. H. Belt, D; John Marr [?], Kn.

Coroner:--Jas. M. Gilbert, D; J. L. Paris, Kn.


[Sheriff:--?]J. A. Yandell, Kn; over H. M. Cook, D.


The Republican party dominated in this election.  The poles at most precincts were under supervision of Union troops; hence the Southern rights citizens very properly refrained from voting.

The following licket [sic] was elected, all Republicans:

County Judge, Dr. J. C. Elder.

County Clerk, B. S. Young.

County Attorney, R. F. Haynes.

Circuit Clerk, J. H. Walker (union man).

Sheriff, J. N. Flanagan.

Jailer, J. W. Adams over J. C. Henson, Rep.

Surveyor, Geo. P. Wilson.

Assessor, P. L. H. Walker.

J. M. Gilbert, union man.

Dr. Elder resigned as Judge and N. R. Black was elected to fill vacancy.


J W. Flanagan was elected Sheriff


This contest was very bitter, but the war being over and the troops disbanded, the majority again asserted itself--the Democrats elected the principal officers.

The officers were as follows:

County Judge:--S W McCollum, D; over Jno D Gregory, maj. large.

County Clerk:--J C Jones, D; B. S Young, Rep; S W Patterson, Rep.

County Attorney:--Warner Wagar but was never qualified.

Sheriff:--W C Carnahan, D; E. Gregory, D.

Jailer:--G G Hammond, D.

Assessor:--Jno T Yates, Rep.

Coroner:--J J Fritts, Rep.

Although Mr Jones was elected the examining board, threw out Bell's Mines precinct, which gave the certificate of election to Young.  A contest was filed by Jones, whereupon Young resigned and was appointed to serve one year.


An election was held this year to fill vacancies in the oflicies [sic] of County Clerk and County Attorney.

Singleton Hodge, D, was elected County Attorney over N R Black, Rep.

R. W. Wilson, D; was elected County Clerk over B S Young, Rep.


Circuit Clerk:--J H Walker, D.

Sheriff:-- R N Walker, D, over R Coffield, R.


This election was closely contested, the canvass was thorough, and both parties put forth their most popular men.  But the Democrats triumphed by electing the four principal officers.  The ticket was as follows:

For County Judge D W Carter was called forth for the third term.  His opponent was N R Black, Rep.

For county clerk; J C Jones was elected over B S Young, Rep.

For Sheriff, R N Walker, D; re-elected over G W Nesbitt, Rep.

For county Attorney, J R Finley, D, over W Wagar, Rep.

Jailer, J B Crayne, D, over Jack Wyatt, Rep.

Surveyor, W J Larue, Rep.

Assessor, Jno T Yates, Rep.

Coroner, E R Hill, Dem.


J H Cameron, Rep, was elected Sheriff over T T Barnett, D, contest close.


The campaign of 1874 was very quiet compared with the preceeding one, but the vote was much closer than was expected.  The result was:

County Judge:--T J Nunn, D, over R F Haynes, Rep, A V Wood, Ind. Rep.

county clerk--J C Jones, D, over J C Elder, Rep.

circuit clerk:--W J L Hughes, Rep. over J H Walker, D.

Sheriff:--R A Dowell, D, over T L H Dickerson, Rep.

county Attorney:--L H James, D, over W C Travis, Rep.

Jailer:--J B Crayne, D, over E H Perkins, Rep.

Surveyor:--W J Larne [?] over W H McChesney.

Assessor:--Jno T Gardner, D, over Paul L H Walker, Rep.

Coroner:--J M Duvall, Rep.


This year R A Dowell was re-elected Sheriff over F N Wilson, Rep, by a large maj.

J C Jones died on Jan 8th 1877 and J W Bigham was appointed to serve as County Clerk until the ensuing election, when Bigham was elected over J C Elder, jr.  The contest was hot from start to finish.  Both were young men of fine abilities and prosecuted the convass [canvass] with vigor.  The election day came, the vote was polled and counted.  Bighams majority was only one vote.


The election this year resulted in the choice of the following officers:

County Judge:--R A Dowell, D.

County Clerk:--D Woods, D.

County Attorney. L H James, D.

Sheriff:--J P Pierce, D.

Jailer:--S Corum, Rep, over C E Doss, D. S Pierce, Ind Rep.

Surveyor:--W I Larue, Rep.

Assessor:--W M Babb, Rep.

Coroner:--C E Humphries, Rep.


This year J P Pierce was re-elected Sheriff without opposition.


The campaign of 1882, was prosecuted with unusual vigor.  The Independent, or Greenback party, also had a full ticket in the field, while it did not poll but a small vote, it made the result very uncertain, as the two great parties were so nearly divided.  Fusion with the new party was feared by each side by the other, this stimulated each party to work, that they might be able to offset this swap.  The result was a Democratic triumph in the principal offices.

J P Pierce, D. was elected County Judge over W J LaRue Rep.

D. Woods, D, was elected County Clerk.

J G Rochester, D. County Attorney, without opposition.

E C Flanary, D, was elected Sheriff over A. Woodall, Rep, J C Little, Greenback.

A J Pickens, Rep, was elected Jailer, over W J Johnson, Democrat.

H A Hodge, D, Surveyor.

Jno T Garner, D, Assessor.

F J Flanary, R, was elected Coroner, over H C Perkins, Democrat.

G W Perry, Rep, was elected Supt. Schools, over E E Thurman, Dem.


E C Flanary was re-elected Sheriff without opposition.


This election proved a Waterloo to the Democrats, they only succeeded in electing the County Clerk and County Attorney.  J A Moore was elected County Judge, over L H James, D, and J Bell Kevil, Gb; this contest was very hot especially the campaign between Messrs James and Kevil they divided the Democratic vote, which elected Mr Moore.

A J Pickens, Rep. was elected Sheriff over W F Summerville, Dem. the campaign was exciting.  Pickens' majority was large.

D Woods, Dem. was re-elected County Clerk over Wm Hill, Rep, majority 112.

J G Rochester was re-elected County attorney.

A Wilborn was elected Jailer over W S Lucas.

A Towery, Gb., was elected Surveyor without opposition.

T J Yandell was elected Assessor over R I Nunn by a large majority.

F J Flanary was elected Coroner over H C Perkins.


A J Pickens was re-elected Sheriff without opposition.


The county election of 1890 was the hottest in the history of the county.  The Republican party had made small gains since the victory in 1886; at the Presidential election of 1888, it gave the Harrison electoral ticket a majority of one hundred and eighty-nine.  This encouraged the Republicans, and stimulated the Democratf [sic] to greater action.  Both parties put their strongest men in the field, the campaign was pushed with untiring energy, not a stone was left unturned by neither party.  The following officers were elected:

J A Moore was re-elected County Judge over J G Rochester, maj. 125.

D Woods was elected for the fourth term as county Clerk over Thos J Yandell, this was the closest race of the election.  Woods maj. only 23.

Jno W Blue, jr., was chosen County Attorney over S Hodge, Ind Dem, by a large majority.

A L Cruce was elected Sheriff over J A Davidson, this was an exciting race Cruce's majority being but 34.

W J Deboe wrs [sic] chosed [sic] Supt. of Schools over T F Newcom, maj 64.

J M McCaslin was elected Assessor over T A Rankin, majority 46.

A Towery was elected Surveyor over J L Bugg maj small.

W L Cook was chosen Jailer over W B Wilborn, maj large.  Cook died soon after taking charge of the office.  J W Adams was appointed to fill the vacancy until the election in 1891, when he was elected jailer over Geo E Boston by a large majority. --------




At the first election after the formation of Crittenden county, William Hughes Dem., and farmer was elected to the lower House of the General Assembly.  His apponent [sic] was R A Walker, Dem.  The contest was close, majority 16.


This year, Jno W. Headley, lawyer and democrat, defeated Martin Hammond Dem., and Sumner Marble, W.


H R D Coleman, Dem., and farmer was elected over Jno W Headley, by a large majority.


This year H R D Coleman was elected over Otho Nunn Dem., by the small majority of 17.


Wm Wallace Dem., farmer elected over Dr. Jno S Gilliam, Whig, after a heated contest by a marjority [sic] of 111.


Sumner Marble, Whig and lawyer, defeated Jno W Headley Dem., Geo. T. Armstrong, Dem., and Jno D Gregory, Whig.


H R D Coleman was again elected; his opponent was J W Wilson Whig; the majority was small.


Francis Ford, Whig, Broker, was chosen over Otho Nunn, Dem., Thos Broadfoot and R C W Franks.  The contest was close, Ford's pluraity [sic] only seven.


At the session of the Legislature in 1851, the term was made two years instead of one year as heretofore J W Wilson, Whig, farmer and merchant defeated Wm G Priest Dem., majority 100.


Isaac N Clement Dem., was elected over Col C C Cobb, Know Nothing candidate; majority 140.


Isaac N Clement was re-elected.


R A Walker Dem., after a spirited campaign defeated J W Blue, Know Nothing, candidate by a majority o [sic] only 40.


Jno W Blue, Union man, lawyer defeated R G Stewart Dem., by a majority of 560.


Jas L Hill, union man, was elected with no opposition.


Jas A Yandall, Rep., was chosen over Jas E Yeakey Rep., majority large.


J W Blue Dem., was again elected; his opponent was Robt Coffield, contest close; Blue's majority 40.

1867 [1869]

J W Blue was returned without opposition.


J N Woods defeated S Hodge, after a close contest by a majority of 20.


R W Wilson Dem., defeated J N Woods; the campaign was spirited; Wilson majority 11.  At this session of the Legislature Crittenden and Livingston counties were united into one legislative district.


Dr. J R Clark, Greenbacker was elected over Democrat and S Hodge Independent Democrat.


Otho Nunn Dem., defeated W H Walker Rep., by the large majority of 864.


Wm Green of Livingston county was elected.


J A Moore, Rep., defeated Charles Champion, Dem., and Dr J R Clark, Greenbacker.  The contest was warm from the start.  The question of removing the county seat of Livingston was agitated by the voters of that county, who were mostly Democrats.  A division of their vote was occasioned by the position of Mr. Champion on that question which caused his defeat.


Samuel O. Nunn, Dem., was elected over J A Moore, Rep; majority 450.


W R Bush, Democrat lawyer, of Livingston county, was elected over A J Croson, Republican.


E C Flanary, Dem., defeated W J Hamilton, Rep., and A B Hodge, Independent.  The contest was close and much excitement prevailed.  Mr. Flanary's plurality was but 14 votes.  Mr. Hodge polled a large vote.

Source:  Crittenden Press. (Marion, Ky.) 1879-1907, September 14, 1893, Image 1 - Chronicling America - The Library of Congress.


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