September 7, 1893




Docia Goen Sends Two Loads of Shot After Burglars.


"Bang! Bang!!"  Those were the sounds that rang out about three o'clock Sunday morning, waking everybody on Bellville street, and setting them to wondering who could be disturbing the quiet of a Sunday morning by firing a shot gun.

Investigation proved that the shots were fired by Miss Docia Goen, a member of Dr. J. H. Clark's family, and they were fired straight at a couple of men, who were trying to pick a lock and gain entrance to the house.  When the plucky woman discovered them, instead of screaming, she got the gun, and quietly secreted herself on an upper veranda, behind some lattice-work, and waited developments.  They first endeavored to effect an entrance to the dwelling and while working at the door, they were where the watcher could not see them; they left the door, and began work on the lock of an adjoining building in full view of the nervy woman; she concluded that her opportunity had come, and leveled her gun and fired twice at the thieves.  She thinks a load of shot was put in the arm and side of one of the men, as he dropped the arm, uttered a suppressing groan and was quickly spirited away by his companion.  Every effort was made to trace the men, and, what was thought to be a warm trail, sprinkled here and there with drops of blood, was followed to the woods near town, there all trace was lost.

For weeks Marion has suffered at the hands of night prowlers; private houses as well as business houses had been entered and pilfered, and every effort so far has failed to lead to a capture, and it is sincerely hoped that the shot went true to their aim and will put a stop to the theiving [sic].

Docia Goen deserves a vote of thanks for her plucky conduct in winging the scoundrels, and if the brave men don't hurry up and capture the burglars, they should turn their fire arms over to the timid women.


Source:  Crittenden Press. (Marion, Ky.) 1879-1907, September 7, 1893, Image 3 - Chronicling America - The Library of Congress.


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