February 11, 1904




A Flourishing and Prosperous Congregation.


Elder A. A. Deboe, of the Sugar Grove congregation, has prepared a novel and interesting card containing a list of the members of that church. The idea is an original one, and we think a good one. This church has one of the most substantial communities in the county, embracing some of the best people, as shown by the list of members which we append.


  Lamb, Mary E.
PASTOR. Lamb, John R.
  Lamb, Mary L.
B. T. Watson. Lemen, Annie L.
  Lemon, Joseph
ELDERS. Martin, Lou A.
  Martin, John W.
W. J. Hodges Martin, Maggie E.
J. L. Lamb Martin, Cora B.
A. A. Deboe Martin, Alice M.
R. L. Wilson Martin, Rosa E.
F. I. Travis Massey, Fannie J.
J. A. Pickens Massey, Mary
H. N. Lamb McConnell, Dora
J. L. Walker McConnell, Mary O.
Wigginton, Jas. W. McConnell, Maggie E.
  McConnell, Carrie H.
DEACONS. McConnell, Verna
  McDowell, Rosa
J. M. Travis McDowell, Sarah A.
Dora S. Wilson McDowell, W. N.
P. C. Lamb McMican, A.
J. H. Crider McMican, Cora E.
Walter T. Travis McGough, Rudolph
  Moore, Estelle
LAY MEMBERS. Moore, Addie
  Moore, Nettie
Allen, Caroline Murry, W. A.
Allen, Nancy J. Murry, Mary E.
Brantley, Susan E. Murry, Annie
Brantley, W. D. Murry, Ora B.
Brantley, Arminta Murry, John F.
Baker, Anna A. Newcomb, Joseph
Baker, Albert C. Oakley, W. T.
Brown, Alma Oakley, Maggie M.
Brown, Ona Oakley, Chester V.
Campbell, Malinda Parish, Rosa E.
Canada, Ada F. Parish, John H.
Canada, Alfred Parish, Annie E.
Canada, Robt H. Paty, John
Canada, Mary E. Perry, Mary G.
Chandler, Tressy E. Perry, Jas E.
Corley, Julia A. Perkins, Kittie
Corley, Nannie M. Perkins, Harry
Corley, Susan A. Phillips, Mary J.
Corley, J. S. Phillips, E. Maud
Corley, W. T. Phillips, Sam H.
Corley, Fannie L. Phillips, Edgar M.
Conger, W. G. Pickens, James A.
Conger, Malissa Pickens, Ada D.
Crider, Mary S. Porter, W. H.
Crider, J. H. Porter, Effie
Crider, Bettie W. Porter, James H.
Crider, Robert L. Roberts, Lou J.
Crider, Bessie M. Roberts, George
Crider, Bennett, Jr. Roberts, Leona E.
Crowell, Belva Riley, R. M.
Custard, Susie Spence, Olgie D.
Dean, Annie M. Spurr, Arthena
Dean, Eva M. Spurr, Rosa J.
Dean, Ed F. Stewart, James H.
Deboe, A. A. Stewart, Mary S.
Deboe, Mary E. Stewart, W. I.
Deboe, P. H. Stanley, Mary E.
Deboe, Mary K. Sutton, A. J.
Deboe, Hugh Sutton, M. V.
Deboe, Effie A. Sutton, Sam D.
Deboe, Mendozen Sutton, Robert
Deboe, W. A. Sutton, George W.
Dollins, Laura Sutton, Iona
Dollins, Nona Sutton, Corda
Evans, Caroline Sutton, Ida A.
Fox, Corda Thomason, Mattie
Fox, Verdie C. Towery, Margaret J.
Fox, Hamp Towery, Mary
Ford, Gennie Travis, James M.
Fralick, Julia B. Travis, J. L. Sr.
Gibson, Mary A. Travis, F. I.
Handlin, F. E. Travis, Sarah A.
Hill, Polly J. Travis, Mary A.
Hill, Iva M. Travis, Mary E.
Hill, Mary S. Travis, Sarah R.
Hodges, W. J. Travis, Alice D.
Hodges, Jas. R. Travis, Sarah E. Jr.
Hodges, Hulda A. Travis, J. L. Jr.
Hodges, L. J. Travis, Walter T.
Hodges, Rebecca Travis, Mark F.
Hodges, D. D. Travis, Agnes
Hodges, M. Nonie Travis, Cora R.
Hodges, Nannie Travis, Sylva S.
Hodges, L. B. Travis, G. Luther
Hodges, A. H. Turley, Sanford
Hodges, A. V. Turley, Sarah J.
Hodges, Robert Turley, Louella
Horning, N. M. Turley, Geo. L.
Horning, Susan Vanhoosier, Annie L. [Nannie]
Horning, Cora J. Vanhoosier, Naomi
Horning, Jas. O. Vanhoosier, Elizabeth J.
Horning, A. D. Vanhoosier, Harvey M.
Horning, Chas. E. Walker, Margaret
Horning, Rich M. Walker, W. M.
Hardin, Luro Walker, Sarah J.
Hunt, Wm. Walker, James M.
Hunt, A. G. Walker, Luvenie
Hunt, R. J. Walker, Laura
Hunt, Nora J. Walker, Maggie
Hunt, Ed B. Walker, Thos. E.
Hurley, Martha A. Walker, Alice
Kemp, Washington Walker, Mary E.
Kemp, Rosa A. Walker, Chester C.
Kemp, Lenora Walker, Pearl C.
Lamb, Betsey A. Walker, Albert J.
Lamb, Thos. L. Walker, Andy G.
Lamb, John L. Walker, Rosella
Lamb, Mary A. Walker, Thos. L.
Lamb, Laura Walker, Dora I.
Lamb, Sarah A. Walker, Bert
Lamb, H. N. Walker, L. E.
Lamb, Lou C. Wilson, R. L.
Lamb, Gennie Wilson, G. Ann
Lamb, Ada B. Wilson, W. L.
Lamb, Thos. E. Wilson, Dora S.
Lamb, Maria F. Williams, Lodenia B.
Lamb, L. H. Wigginton, Lucy May
Lamb, Herbert Wallace, Wm. H.
Lamb, Belle Wallace, Susie
Lamb, Lura L. Woodsides, Mary T.
Lamb, Lelia E. Woodsides, Dora A.
Lamb, P. C. Woodsides, Tressy
Lamb, Preston P. York, Mary B.
Lamb, Chas. E. York, Thomas
Lamb, M. Aggie York, Hugh E.
Lamb, Nora B. York, Betty A.


Source:  Crittenden Press. (Marion, Ky.) 1879-1907, February 11, 1904, Image 7 - Chronicling America - The Library of Congress.


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