April 6, 1893




Imposing Ceremonies Mark the Beginning of the New Church at Crayneville.


"They praised the Lord because the foundation of the house of the Lord was laid."

March 26, at 4 o'clock, p. m., a large congregation from different parts of the county were gathered together at Crayneville, Ky., to see Rev. B. T. Watson, our pastor, lay the corner stone of the new C. P. church here.  The foundation had been laid and Religious service was conducted by Brother Watson.

All present joined in singing the grand old hymn, "How Firm a Foundation."

Twelve elders were chosen from the following churches, viz:  Marion, Sugar Grove, Piney Fork and Crayneville.  Each elder took their stand at twelve stones of the foundation and remained there during the service.

Brother Watson read Joshua 4:1-24; and the rules about laying the corner stone, then led the congregation in prayer.

The following records were deposited in the stone:

1, Holy Bible.

2, Roll of membership.

3, One copy of Confession of Faith.

4, One copy Minutes of Presbytery.

5, One copy of C. P. Paper.

6, One copy of Missionary Record.

7, One copy of S. S. Comments.

8, One copy of Rays of Life.

9, One copy of Our Lambs.

10, One copy of CRITTENDEN PRESS.

11, One copy of Marion Monitor.

12, Roll of membership of the Christian Workers Society.

13, Roll of membership of S. S.

14, A memento, a lock of hair, of Mr. D. W. Deboe, giving the date when he was elected elder in the C. P. church.  These were placed in a small box and then placed in the box which was cut in the stone, and the stone was laid in its place to stand as a monument that the people of this generation love and serve the GreatFather of the Universe, who's Son is our "Chief Corner Stone."

Brother Watson made an excellent talk in regard to the scene, which so many have stood as witnesses and pronounced the benediction.


Rev. B. T. Watson preached his farewell sermon as Pastor of Piney Fork and Crayneville churches last Sabbath.  His text at Piney was Acts XX, 17:38.  [Please read it.]

The sermon was a grand one, never to be forgotten.

At Crayneville he used the text he preached his second sermon from three years ago at Piney.  This text is found in Psalms XLVIII, 12:13.  In addition to this he also used 2 Cor., XIII, 11.  At the close of the sermon the first communion service was held, here, and the last with Bro. Watson as Pastor.

It was a very solemn scene, and memorial of Christ and his "Last Supper" with his disciples, because it was at night.

Sad hearted, our Pastor and people parted, to meet again, the Lord only knows when.

Bro. Watson has been pastor of Piney Fork three years, and during this time he has preached 115 sermons within our reach.  They have all been excellent sermons of heavenly messages.  The writer has heard him preach 101 sermons and make 20 lectures, and has the first word of harm to hear him speak yet about any person or denomination.  All who know him knows that he is a man of great humility and influence.  He is loved for his pure and noble character; he has hundreds of friends that will pray for him while in the field of missionary and evangelistic work.  He will begin this grand work April 1.

The Lord has rolled of off him the burden of few churches, and rolled upon him the care of 214 churches of 15,000 members.

Now, dear friends, God has put this great work upon the heart, and in the hands of a man you love, one of your brethren.  Will not every Cumberland Presbyterian in this and adjoining counties see to it, by prayer and pledge that our State missionary shall not suffer while doing our work.

He has done a grand work in our churches as well as the people of other denominations.

May he do now a greater work and cause the churches to follow the eleventh commandment, given by Christ, which is, "Love one another as I have loved you."  God bless our missionary Pastor and family at Aubrun [sic], Ky., is the daily prayer of the writer.



Source:  Crittenden Press. (Marion, Ky.) 1879-1907, April 6, 1893, Image 1 - Chronicling America - The Library of Congress.


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