January 8, 1903


Events That Have Transpired in Crittenden and Livingston Counties During the Past Twelve Months.





Jan. 4th, court of claims allowed large claims for smallpox physicians.

Jan 6th, Messrs. Aaron Towery, C. E. Weldon, J. W. Lamb, Jno. B. Paris, Carl Henderson, Geo. T. Belt, Albert Travis, the newly elected Republican county officials took the oath of office.  New city council took charge of municipal government.  J. Bell Kevil succeeded A. M. Gilbert as Police Judge.  Saloon license granted C. E. Doss and Wm. Harrigan.

Jan 14th, A. S. Cannan re-elected city marshal, J. A. Moore city attorney, J. C. Bourland clerk, H. K. Woods treasurer.  Mrs. S. M. Jenkins entertains the literary club.

Jan 15th, Mr. Joel P. Deboe, of Clinton, and Miss Eva Hill, of Marion, were married at the brides' home.

Jan 16th, during trial of breech of peace case in police court attorneys and witnesses engage in a fight, and as a result several fines were assessed.  Forest Heath elected magistrate in the Fords Ferry district after a warm fight, failed to qualify owing to illness of his father, thereby forfeiting his right to the office.  Company organized to work the Bigham spar mines, composed of Harth Bros., of Caseyville and J. R. Finley of Marion.

Jan 17th, Mrs. R. C. Walker entertained with a Pan-American party.

Jan 18th, Mrs. Richard McConnell, a highly respected lady of Fords Ferry, died.

Jan 19th, Mr. Peter Lamb and Miss Rida Pickens, of the county, were married.

Jan 22d, Mr. J. H. Stanley and Miss Ella Newcom of Repton were married.

Jan 25th, Destructive sleet storm. Business Houses suffer and telephone system greatly damaged.

Jan 26th, Dr. W. S. Graves, one of the oldest and most prominent citizens, died at his home in Dycusburg; he was eighty-two years of age.

Jan 26th, Rev. C. R. Montgomery, of Paducah, called as pastor of the Presbyterian church of Marion.

Jan 24th, county board of tax supervisors completed their work of examining the tax list.  A raise of $15,490 made.  Stock company organized at Salem to build $10,000 hotel.

Jan 25th, Mrs. Rebecca Grissom, 79 years old, widow of Alexander Grissom, died at her home in Marion.



Feb. 1st, The Fluor Spar company and The Kentucky Fluor Spar company merged into one organization with a capital stock of $100,000.  The new corporation is known as The Kentucky Fluor Spar company.  Big lime kilns opened at Mattoon by Mr. Lewis, of Evansville.

Feb 3d, Federation of Labor organized in this city with 21 charter members.  Many suits filed by stock buyers and shippers against Illinois Central railroad.

Feb 6th, Mr. Dennis Hubbard and Miss Daisy Towery married at bride's home near Shady Grove. Samuel Heath, 89 years old, died at his home near Mt. Zion.  T. E. Sullenger, a well known citizen of Irma neighborhood, died.

Feb 9th, Athen Williams, the barber, died after a long illness.

[Feb 12th,] The marriage of Mr. Lilburn S. Rogers of LItchfield and Miss Dedie Clement, of this city, was solemnized.  Cook Hotel sold, and H. M. Cook retires from the hotel business.

Feb 15th, A. C. Gilbert, familiarly known as "Uncle Doc" an aged business man, died at his home in this city.  J. W. Kinsey [I. W. Kimsey], another old landmark, died at Tolu.

Feb 17th, Mrs. Geo. W. Foley died at Sheridan and Mrs. Gabriel Davis, died at Salem.  The revival conducted by Revs. Lowery and Jones at the Methodist church closed.  There were fourteen conversions.

Feb 22d, oratorical contest of school at opera house.  Mrs. R. F. Haynes gave a Washington's Birthday luncheon.

Feb 24th, Prof. Chas. Lane, the noted humorist, lectured at the opera house.  Suit filed against Henry Bennett, of Dycusburg, by Miss Dotie Turley for $10,000 damages for breach of promise.



March 1st, Assessors' books for the past year completed.  Grand total of taxable property in Crittenden county is $2,507,815.

March 2d, Mrs. John Talbert died at Tolu.  Miss Edith Mayes died at Caldwell Springs.

March 4th, Gus Taylor and Hughey Hurley purchased the P. H. Woods dry goods store.

March 5th, R. H. Tolley of Birdsville and Miss Effie Simpson of Rodney were married.

March 8th, Mrs. Irwin Brewster of New Salem neighborhood, died aged 80 years.

March 10th, Thos. Wofford appointed justice of peace in Fords Ferry precinct.

March 13th, "Uncle Irwin" Brewster dies four days after the death of his wife.  He and his wife were the same age, and had been married 60 years.

March 20th, "Quo Vadis," one of the greatest theatrical attractions ever at the opera house, witnessed by a big audience.

March 21st, "Uncle Granville" Lindsey, one of the county's oldest men, died.

March 24th, circuit court convened.  R. F. Haynes granted druggists' license to sell whiskey.

March 27th, "Old Time Fiddlers Contest" at opera house.



April 1st, the grand jury adjourned after returning 43 indictments.  Indictments returned against the physicians of Crittenden county with one exception, for failure to report to the proper authorities the deaths and births occurring within their practice.

April 4th, circuit court adjourns.  Mrs. Nar Ainsworth Tolley died at Birdsville.  Court of Claims appropriated $700 as Crittenden county's part in building a bridge over Livingston creek at the Free Bettie ford.  Court of Claims raised salaries of county judge from $600 to $625, county attorney's raised from $500, to $550.

April 6th, Dr. Willetts delivered his lecture, "Sunshine," at the opera house.

April l0, Marion Mineral company organized, with a capital of $100,000.

April 16th, John W. Hughes and Miss Effie Terry married at Bride's home, north of Marion.  Mrs. Ingram, assisted by a number of young ladies of the city, gave an entertainment at the opera house, one of the society events of the season.

April 19th, George M. Russell and Miss Elizabeth Fox married.

April 20th, Rev. Willis, of Hopkinsville, began a protracted meeting at the Christian church.  The steamer City of Pittsburg burns on the Ohio river and Dr. W. T. Daughtry and family, of this city, had a narrow escape.  J. S. Lowrey, a prominent Livingston county farmer, weds Mrs. Laura Pryor, of Illinois.

April 26th, Hon. Wm. J. Bryan delivered his lecture, "The Conquering Nation," at the opera house to an immense audience.  Mrs. John W. Wilson of this city died in Evansville after a long illness.

April 28th, the Alumnal exercises of the school held.



May 8th, Commencement Exercises of the public schools.

May 9th, Common School Commencement exercises concluded.

May 10th, High School commencement exercises.

May 12th, T. E. Merritt, of St. Louis, and Miss Maud Roney were married in St. Louis.  Mrs. T. J. Daniel died at her home near Fords Ferry.

May 13th, Anderson Akers, a prominent farmer of Livingston county, died at his home in Hampton.

May 15th, Rev. Grant Hughes and Miss Anna Blackburn married.

May 19th, Special train conveys friends of Ollie James, candidate for Congress, to Princeton to hear the gentleman speak.

May 20th, Gov. Bob Taylor in his lecture, "The Old Plantation" at opera house.

May 22d.  Mrs. Richard Crowe died in this city.  Miss Berna Langley entertains her friends.  The money assured for a new geological survey of Crittenden, Livingston and Caldwell.  A. H. Hanson and other high officials of the Illinois Central railroad visit this city.

May 24th, Hon. Ollie James, of this city, defeated Hon. Sam Crossland of Mayfield in the primary held to select a Democratic nominee for congress; James' majority over Crossland was 3,046; a total of 13,608 votes were polled in the district.  Safe in Johnson Bros. store at Lola robbed of over $800, in money and valuable notes.  C. E. Culver, a stranger, arrested on suspicion.

May 25, Eld. J. W. Flynn, of Ford, Ky., chosen as pastor of the Christian church of this city.  Jno. Tilley, an aged citizen, died near Crittenden springs.  Mrs. Mamie Springs Guess died at her home near Repton.

May 26, articles of incorporation filed by the "Citizens Bank of Carrsville."

May 29th, the horsewhipping of a negro girl at Smithland causes great excitement at that place.



[June 1st] Frank Doss and Miss Lena McNeeley, both of this city, were married at Elizabethtown, Ills.

June 4th, Miss Eula Ramage of Salem files suit for $10,000 against Will Eberle of Salem for breach of promise.

June 5th, opening ball at Crittenden Springs.

June 7th, the death of Mrs. T. A. McAmis occurs at Tolu.  Arch Crosson, one of the county's most prominent farmers died at his home near New Salem.

June 10th, the marriage of Perry D. Maxwell and Miss Ray Woods solemnized in Louisville.

June 14th, Tom Ross sent to the penitentiary from Smithland on charge of being implicated in the murder of Walter Hooks, pardoned by Gov. Beckham.  Rev. Fred Wolfe, well known Baptist minister, died at his home near Smithland.

June 15th, A. M. Henry, one of our most popular and useful citizens, died suddenly.  Young Rob Woods was drowned in the Cumberland river near Dycusburg.

June 15th, Mrs. Chas J. Morgan died.

June 18th, The wedding of Gus Taylor, of this city, and Miss May Bond, of Princeton, was celebrated at the St. George hotel in Evansville.

June 23d, Circuit court convenes.  Wm. Marble made special circuit judge.  James Asher died at his home near Piney.

June 24th, Ollie James, a guest of Wm. J. Bryan, addresses the Nebraska Democratic State Convention, and scores a triumph.

June 27th, Ministers and members meeting of Ohio River Baptist Association convene for three days session at New Salem.

June 28th, grand jury returns 27 indictments and adjourns.



July 4th, the Juvenile minstrels and Old Fiddlers contest proves to be the most successful home entertainment ever held in this city.  Over one thousand people witnessed the performance.  Mrs. Staton Pierce died; she was the mother of J. P. Pierce of this city.

July 6th, death of Miss Ora Orange, daughter of R. Orange, the barber.

July 8th, "Aunt Laura" Bigham, a highly respected colored woman, died.

July 10th, The Illustrated Mining and Industrial Edition of the PRESS issued.  The midsummer Ball at Crittenden Springs.

July 12th, Drunken rowdies shoot into a boat on the Ohio river near Cave-in-Rock, and wound Mrs. Sam Sturgis of Caseyville.  Articles of incorporation of Salem Bank filed.  Newt Brasher, a farmer of the Berry Ferry neighborhood, met a horrible death by falling on a pitchfork.

July 15th, Frank Moore arrested on charge of malicious shooting.  He was with the party that fired into Capt. Sturgis' boat at Cave-in-Rock.

July 20th, Crittenden county teachers institute convenes.

July 21st, Salem milling company organized, with capital stock of $8,000.  P. J. Massey, the lumberman, dies in this city.

July 24th, church reunion at Crooked creek, largely attended.  Loving Dunlap and Miss Julia Cruce, prominent young people, married at Hillville.

July 29th, Harvy Porter, aged and well known, died at his home near Piney.

July 30, Judge Thos. J. Nunn nominated for Appellate Judge by the Democrats.  Mrs. Bud Brantley died.



August 1st, Spencer Dorr, formerly of this city, fell from electric light pole in St. Louis and was dangerously injured.

Aug. 3d, little May Murphy, of Tolu neighborhood, killed.  A pitchfork thrown from a stable loft pierced her brain.

Aug. 4th, little son of Rev. T. V. Joiner died.  Henry Ledbetter of Elizabethtown, Ill., purchased an interest in Boston & Walker's furniture house and mills.

Aug. 5th, County Sunday school convention held at this place.

August 7th, Hampton camp meeting begins.

Aug. 14th, death of Miss Nettie Burklow, of Livingston county.  Effort made to break Smithland jail by men charged with the Lola safe robbery unsuccessful.

Aug. 16th, Mrs. C. E. Weldon, wife of county clerk Weldon, died.

Aug. 20th, Ohio River Baptist Association convenes in this city for three days session; over two hundred ministers and delegates present.

Aug. 21st, Hurricane camp meeting begun.

Aug. 25th, Col. H. W. J. Ham, the noted humorist lectured at the opera house.  Special train of eleven cars of zinc ore from the "Old Jim" mine sent to Joplin.  Spencer L. Dorr, dies in St. Louis from injuries received in falling from electric light pole.  W. B. Yandell and P. S. Maxwell appointed election commissioners for this county; C. C. Grassham and C. M. King for Livingston.

Aug. 30, Albert Cannan and Miss Omega Towery, daughter of the county Judge, were married.

Aug. 31st, "Aunt" Sarah Simpson found dead in her lonely home near Piney.



Sept 1st, Hurricane camp meeting closed; the most successful in years.  Protracted meeting begins at Christian church.  The beautiful new Baptist church at Dyers Hill dedicated; the Rev. Conway preached the sermon.  Hundreds of people present.

Sept 8th, James Crowder kills White Martin at Crowder's home near Crittenden Springs.  Martin attacked Crowder in his home.

Sept 10th, T. Everett Butler, of Smithland, announces his candidacy for the legislature.

Sept. 11th, Paducah Presbytery convenes in Presbyterian church in this city.  Mrs. Charles Evans entertains in honor of Miss Nona Blue.

Sept. 12th, James Crowder, who killed White Martin, was dismissed by county judge.

Sept. 13th, reunion of the Kemp family at W. S. Kemp's residence near Shady Grove.

Sept. 15th, Dr. J. R. Clark, prominent citizen of Marion, died.

Sept. 16th, a party of Marion people start on overland trip to Mammoth cave.

Sept. 22, death of Homer Butler, popular young man of Livingston county.

Sept. 26th, Mrs. Sherman Franklin dies in this city.



Oct. 1st, C. J. Pierce and Wm. Baird take charge of the Franklin hotel.  Franklin moves to Salem.

Oct. 2d, Eugene V. Debs lectured at the opera house.  Rev. Joiner returns from Methodist conference to serve as pastor of the Marion church another year.  Next Annual conference will be held in this city.

Oct. 3d, Mrs. J. C. Kinsolving of New Salem, dies.

Oct 7th, 8th, 9th, the Princeton Presbytery of C. P. church held at Crayneville.  Fiscal court convened in this city.

Oct. 12th, fiscal court fixed county levy for 1903 at $1.50 poll and 40c on every $100 of taxable property.  $5,000 appropriated by fiscal court for the erection of a new jail.  Appropriation afterwards increased to $7,500.  Hugh Givens died near this city.

Oct. 13th, Miss Mary Maxwell entertains in honor of Miss Spencer, of Louisville.  W. T. Carloss, a respected citizen of this place, dies.

Oct. 22d, Jas. H. Moore and Mrs. Annie Cook, of the country, unified in marriage.  Miss Bertha E. Williamson, daughter of Horace Williamson, murdered in cold blood by a hidden assassin, while returning from church at Chapel Hill.

Oct. 23d, Geo. M. Sisco, a farmer of the Chapel Hill neighborhood, arrested, charged with the murder of Miss Williamson.

Oct. 24, Sisco taken to Henderson for safe keeping.  L. H. Paris, a widely known and highly respected citizen of this county, died at his home east of the city.  Alexander telephone exchange sold to the Independent company at Paducah.

Oct. 25, "Kentucky Miner," a new paper, started at Smithland.  Phillip Grassham died at Salem; a well known man.  Bob Watson shot Rat Shenell at Piney church.

Oct. 29th, Norman Farris of Salem and Miss Ada Franks of this county were married.

Oct. 30th, Jeff Asher's residence in eastern portion of the county burns.  Thos. J. Daniel died at his home near Fords Ferry.  O'Bryan auction sale of lots.

Oct. 31st, the Hallowe'en Party by ladies of M. E. church at R. C. Walker's residence a big success.



Nov. 2d, protracted meeting begins at the Cumberland Presbyterian church.

Nov. 3d, Mrs. Jane Crider dies at her home north of town.

Nov. 3, Ollie James elected to Congress.  He carried Crittenden county by a majority of 36, Livingston county by a majority of 612.  Geo. D. Hughes, democrat elected magistrate in Fords Ferry precinct.  C. R. Eddings, democrat, elected constable in Bells Mines precinct.  Darby, republican candidate for court of Appeals carried county over Nunn by 26 majority.  "Uncle Mike" Gilbert died at his home north of this city aged 86 years.

Nov. 9th, Mrs. Eugene Guess died at Tolu.

Nov. 11th, Tom Ordway kills A. D. Mosely at Fredonia.

Nov. 17th, circuit court convenes.

Nov. 18th, Geo. M. Sisco indicted by grand jury for willful murder of Miss Williamson.

Nov. 13th, Mrs E. J. Haywards residence at Dycusburg destroyed by fire.

Nov. 17th, Richard Walton and Mrs. Etta Sullivan, of this city, were married.

Nov. 20th, revival at C. P. church closed, after being in progress nearly three weeks.  There were 40 conversions.

Nov. 24th, work of erecting the new jail begins.

Nov. 25th, Sisco murder case continued and the accused returned to Henderson.  Grand jury returns 36 indictments and adjourns.

Nov. 26th, Annual Bazaar of the school held.

Nov. 27th, officers of the circuit court and attorneys of Marion Bar give a banquet in honor of Thos. J. Nunn, Judge elect of court of Appeals.  The social event of the Thanksgiving holidays was Miss Langley's entertainment.

Nov. 29th, circuit court adjourns.



Dec. 5th, child born at Dycusburg with two heads and four arms; died at birth.

Dec. 6th, Charles Culver, convicted at Smithland for blowing Johnson Bros. safe at Lola and given sixteen years in the penitentiary.  Miss Lilly Doss entertains in honor of Miss Johnson of Fordsville.

Dec. 11th, THE PRESS discards the patent inside pages and henceforth will be eight pages all home print.

Dec. 15th, Hon J. F. Gordon of Madisonville appointed by Gov. Beckham circuit judge to succeed Hon. T. J. Nunn.

Dec. 16th, little daughter of Lacy Worten, of Hampton, attempts suicide.

Dec. 18th, the Bazaar held by ladies of Methodist church at the opera house was the most successful benefit entertainment ever held in the city.  J. C. Bourland announces his candidacy for the Republican nomination for circuit clerk of Crittenden county, Charles A. Moore announces as a candidate for Republican nomination for circuit clerk.  A destructive fire visits Salem and several business houses are burned.  Total loss about $15,000.  Harry Martin of Livingston county and Miss Essie Bennett, of this county, married in Paducah.  Mr. and Mrs. Lon Johnson entertain.

Dec. 22d, Chas. Davis of Mayfield, and Miss Clara Taylor, of this city, married.

Dec. 24th, The marriage of Zed Bennett, of Smithland, and Miss Melville Glenn of this city, solemnized at this place.  Jas. Travis and Miss Sadie Thomas of this city married in Louisville.  The PRESS voting contest to determine the most popular lady in Crittenden and Livingston counties ends.  Miss Sallie Summers, of Salem, was the winner and was awarded the prize.


Source:  Crittenden Press. (Marion, Ky.) 1879-1907, January 8, 1903, Image 2 - Chronicling America - The Library of Congress.


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