March 26, 1891




Something About the Town and Its Tradespeople.


Tolu Kentucky is located on a site which was destined by nature for the location of a beautiful city.

The topography of the town plot consists of gentle undulations, sloping gradually back from the Ohio river, without any bluff or abrupt ascent, and presents hundreds of beautiful building lots, and on which we hope will soon stand lovely homes and residences.

It is 75 miles from Evansville, Ind., and 50 miles from Paducah, Ky., and is easily reached from the east, west and north by way of the Ohio river, and from the south over the N. N. & M. V. R. R. [Newport News & Mississippi Valley Railroad] to Marion, Ky., then by land, via the great Crittenden Springs Summer Resort, to Tolu.

Tolu is situated in the midst of the best farming lands in Western Kentucky. Corn and wheat grow in great abundance upon the fertile soil for miles back from the bottom land. Half way between Marion and Tolu is mines which are so rich in their deposits and which we hope will be the cause of a railroad being built in the near future.

When you reach Tolu, coming up main street you will find an elegant two story school house, which is an honor to the town. On the street just mentioned you will find nice residences beautifully located.

Farther on down you will find the new dry goods firm Minner & Clark who are nice clever men, and always ready to show you their goods and ask you to call again.

In the same house is the Tolu Hotel kept by Dr. Carty, with his tables bountifully supplied with good food.

On down the street farther we come to the new hardware store kept by Crider & Co., in one of the best houses in the county. It is a large frame structure, with a solid glass front and brick pavement in front which is a benefit to one and all. At the rear of this house is a warehouse 26x60 ft. filled with all the latest improved machinery, plows &c.

In the new store you will find the postoffice with T. A. McAmis as postmaster, and always ready to wait on you for your mail.

Down the street a little farther you will find Crawford & Nichols, who deals in hardware, dry goods and groceries.

Just across the street you will find Beard & Belt, in the grocery trade, telling you all the while their goods are very cheap.

R. M. Moore, the druggist, who is very polite, and ready to mix your medicines either to cure you or to make you ready for the undertaker.

Next we find is Clement & Croft, with their big stock of dry goods and groceries, and always ready for their customers.

We also have a grist and saw mill that completes the business part of town. We welcome all who come to our town, and especially those who want to engage in business.

In the near future we expect to have a large rolling mill to supply the country's demand for flour.

Come over to Massadonia [sic] and join us. For its a good place to live.


Source:  Crittenden Press. (Marion, Ky.) 1879-1907, March 26, 1891, Image 1 - Chronicling America - The Library of Congress.


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