A. J. PICKENS was born December 22, 1852, in Crittenden County, and is a son of William and Susan Pickens, both natives of the same county and State. William Pickens, Sr., subject's grandfather, came from North Carolina and was among the early pioneers of Crittenden County. He died many years ago at an advanced age. William Pickens, Jr., is still living in Crittenden County, his present residence being about six miles from Marion. Subject's mother is a daughter of Joel Lamb, who was also an early settler of Crittenden County. Mrs. Pickens is still living, and is the mother of a family of eleven children, whose names are as follows: John T., Joel C., I. H. (deceased), A. J., Elizabeth (wife of A. A. DeBoe), W. F. (deceased), Eliza J. (wife of Jesse DeBoe), James A., Louisa J., Susan D. and Maria. A. J. Pickens, at the age of twenty years, engaged in business for himself as a farmer, renting places in different parts of the county until he was able to purchase land of his own. He has owned several good farms at different times. He has traded in real estate very successfully. He was married November 13, 1875, to.Miss Pricey, daughter of William and Tempie A. (Brown) McConnell, of Crittenden County, In August, 1882, Mr. Pickens was elected county jailer on the Republican ticket, since which time he has been living in Marion, in charge of his office.


Source:  J. H. Battle, W. H. Perrin, & G. C. Kniffin. Kentucky. A History of the State. Louisville, KY, Chicago, IL: Battey, 1885. Page 736.