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Crittenden County, Kentucky Obituaries and Death Notices

These books are a compilation of obituaries and death notices transcribed from digital images of issues of The Crittenden Press, The Crittenden Record, the Crittenden=Record Press, the Twice-a-Week Record-Press and the Crittenden Record-Press.  They include obituaries and death notices from Crittenden and surrounding counties in Kentucky.  Digital images of The Crittenden Press can be found on the Library of Congress' web site Chronicling America.



The Roberts Family of Robertstown, Caldwell County, Kentucky

This manuscript was compiled by Ila (Earle) Fowler in 1946.  She was the daughter of Benjamin Prince Earle and Mary Ann Roberts of Hopkins County, KY.



The Travis Family

"A Remarkable Genealogy Full Of Thrilling Interest And Striking Incidents" by James F. Price, D. D. Marion, Ky., 1926.



Zion's Harp

"A choice selection of the richest sacred songs, not found in The Methodist Hymn Book." by Fountain Elliott Pitts, 1852.