DR. W. S. GRAVES was born August 28, 1820, in Marion County, Ky. His father was a native of St. Mary's County, Md., born November 15, 1783; his mother, a native of the same place, was born in 1793. About 1795 they found their way to Washington County, Ky., where they were married and spent their after life. The former died in 1844 and the latter in 1866. W. S. Graves spent his boyhood on the farm; at the age of twenty he began the study of medicine under the preceptorship of Dr. Green Forrest, at Lebanon, Ky., and after four years as a student, he began the practice of medicine in partnership with his preceptor at the above named place. This partnership lasted two years, when he located at Dycusburg, where he has since remained, enjoying a flattering success. He is one of the oldest men of his profession now in western Kentucky, and has had quite a number of students under his tutelage, who have become very successful in their profession. Notably among these is his son, who graduated at the Louisville Medical College in 1882. Dr. Graves suffered greatly, financially, by the late war, but has since recovered rapidly, now owning 1,200 acres of land and having given his children a liberal education. He is a Democrat and has served as  one of the trustees of Dycusburg for about twenty years. October  27, 1852 he wedded Helen A. Shelby, daughter of Isaac and Catherine  (Proctor) Shelby, who was born November 15, 1835. Isaac Shelby was born in 1795 and died in 1877. To Dr. and Mrs. Graves were born ten children, seven of whom are living: Catherine S., born September 1, 1853; Williams S., born August 12, 1855, died January 27, 1858;   George S., born June 8, 1857, died April 16, 1858; William  T., born  May 7, 1859; Cora A., born June 2, 1861; George E., born August 7, 1863; Emma A., born March 24, 1866; John A., born August 26, 1868; F. Eugene, born June 20, 1871, and Ernest A., born August 22, 1878,  died October 23, 1878. Subject and his family are supporters of the Roman Catholic faith.


Source:  J. H. Battle, W. H. Perrin, & G. C. Kniffin. Kentucky. A History of the State. Louisville, KY, Chicago, IL: Battey, 1885. Page 729.