JAMES D. KIRKPATRICK, physician, son of Dr. William D. Kirkpatrick, of Fredonia, Ky. (whose biography will be found elsewhere), was born December, 3, 1850, in Fredonia, Caldwell County. At nine and one-half years of age he entered the dry goods store of John F. Harris as salesman, with whom he remained six years; during a part of the time he worked on his father's farm during the summer. The schools at that time were closed, owing to the war. In 1865-66 he attended school near Fredonia, and in the spring of 1866, re-entered Harris' store, and remained until the fall of 1867; then entered Bethel College, at Russellville, Ky,; remained there until 1869, when he returned to Fredonia and the same evening was sent for by Maj. E. F. Neal, the partner of Mr. Harris, to come and take charge of the store. He went, worked with the firm two months; then went to Paducah in compliance with a previous arrangement with J. J. Guthrie, dry goods merchant, and remained from September, 1869, to March, 1872. He then went to Houston, Johnson & Co., in Paducah, for a year; then engaged in grocery business for himself in Paducah, until April, 1875; then attended the State University at Louisville for the sessions of 1875-76, and then returned to Fredonia and practiced with his father as an under-graduate; then returned to the university at Louisville and graduated in March, 1879, from the medical department of that institution. As an undergraduate he spent two years as assistant practitioner, assisting all the physicians and acquiring a practical knowledge of the profession. After graduating he came direct to Kuttawa, April 7, 1879, where he has since been engaged in practice. He has been a member of the Odd Fellows, etc., at Paducah. Since coming to Kuttawa, Dr. Kirkpatrick has been instrumental in building roads, churches and schools, and securing general improvements. He opened the first drug store. He also tried to secure a line of railway and has been identified with every public improvement.


Source:  J. H. Battle, W. H. Perrin, & G. C. Kniffin. Kentucky. A History of the State. Louisville, KY, Chicago, IL: Battey, 1885. Page 856.