PETER C. STEPHENS is a native of Caldwell County, Ky., and the fourth of a family of eight children born to Jonathan and Judith (Thurmond) Stephens. Subject's grandfather was John Stephens, a native of Ireland. He came to America in an early day, settling in Virginia, and later moved to Kentucky, near Danville, where he died many years ago. Jonathan Stephens was born in Kentucky, and spent the greater part of his life in Caldwell County, dying there in 1843. Subject's maternal grandfather was Elisha Thurmond. He was born in Virginia, but came West about 1817, and settled in what is now Crittenden County, about one mile from subject's present place of residence. He was a civil engineer and farmer, and died about 1840, at a ripe old age. His daughter, Judith Thurmond, subject's mother, was born in Kentucky. She was cruelly murdered by a colored woman, one of the family slaves, in 1844; the murderess was arrested, tried for the crime and, one year later, hanged. Jonathan and Judith Stephens had a family of eight children, viz.: James E. (deceased), Adaline E. (deceased), Mary F., Peter C., Elisha M., Jonathan A., Rebecca A. and Be Judith (deceased). By a previous marriage, Mr. Stephens had six children, only one of whom is living: Mildred, wife of Mr. Cooksey. Peter C. Stephens was born June 2, 1838. His parents dying when he was quite young, he lived with his grandmother, Mrs. Thurmond, until his twenty first year, receiving a limited education in the common schools of the county; he afterward attended Bethel College several sessions, and commenced life for himself as a carpenter, learning his trade in Crittenden County. He also taught school for five years in Crittenden County, and in 1864 commenced farming. Four years later he purchased a part of his present farm, to which he has made additions at different times, and now owns 290 acres of fine land, a greater part of which is in a high state of cultivation. Mr. Stephens is a very successful farmer and an intelligent business man. He was married March 14, 1866, to Mrs, Henrietta Bristow, a daughter of J. P. Thurmond, of Simpson County, Ky. Three children have been born to this marriage: James E., Elizabeth F. and Jonathan A. Mrs. Stephens by a previous marriage had one child--Marietta Bristow. Mr. Stephens has filled several official positions, the first of which was that of deputy sheriff. He served as constable a number of years also. He read law for a number of years and received a license in 1867, but never engaged in the active practice of his profession.


Source:  J. H. Battle, W. H. Perrin, & G. C. Kniffin. Kentucky. A History of the State. Louisville, KY, Chicago, IL: Battey, 1885. Page 737.