Speak, Lord, and bid thy servant stand

Before the face of many foes,

Calm, triumphant, undisturbed,

Though all of earth and hell oppose.


With bitter rage foes may assail

My heart shall neither shrink nor doubt,

Enough for me thou hast engaged to be

A wall of fire around about.


I have no need to take my part,

No right have I to make defense.

The word from heaven comes again

"Vengeance is mine, I will recompense."


No carnal weapon in this fight,

Weak and defenseless I appear,

Yet clad in armor shining bright

I'll overcome by faith and prayer.


Submissive I unto thy will,

Will watch and pray and suffer here,

Make me a bright and shining light

Help me to keep my record clear.


And when this glorious fight is done,

From every pain and conflict free,

In worlds of light and bliss untold

Forever, Lord, I'll dwell with Thee!


--Ida M. Roberts

Mattoon, Ky.


Source:  Crittenden Press. (Marion, Ky.), December 24, 1903, Image 7 - Chronicling America - The Library of Congress.