W. O. HAYNES, attorney at law, Union County, was born in Daviess County, August 12, 1852, son of James H. and Mary P. (Miller) Haynes. Mr. Haynes is the second of a family of three children and is of German-Welsh origin. The father of subject was born in Ohio County, Ky., in 1821. His grandfather was Charles E. Haynes, who was a Virginian, but came to Kentucky and died in Ohio County. Mr. Haynes spent the first years of his life working on the farm for his father, and attending school. He spent four years at Bethel College, at Russellville, Ky., from which institution he graduated in 1878, and in 1881 received the degree of A. M. He was also in 1878 a member of the Yale College Sumner School of Geology in the State of Kentucky. After Mr. Haynes completed his school work he taught for a time and was principal of the Union Academy at Morganfield. In 1880 he began the study of the law, and the following year was admitted to the Union County Bar. In 1884 he formed a partnership in the law practice with Judge Geiger. Mr. Haynes is a Royal Arch Mason and a Democrat.


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