"Sir, we would see Jesus"--St. John, 12:21.


Oft when among earth's busy throng,

The lowly mingle with the proud,

With yearning heart and restless eyes

I scan the eager, hurrying crowd

I see the beauty, wealth and pride

The glittering, grand display of men,

I turn away unsatisfied;

I would see Jesus then.


In sorrow's hour, my heart bowed down

With woe so great no words I speak

No earthly friend can sympathize

No earthly friend can comprehend,

Yet in my time of deepest grief

All else unheeded and unseen,

My soul would find a sweet relief

Could I see Jesus then.


When by affliction's hand laid low

I rest upon a dying bed,

My race is run, I know that I

Shall soon be numbered with the dead,

How vain the help of earthly friends,

How vain to turn to earth again

No, when these eyes grow dim in death,

May I see Jesus then.


Now all these earthly woes are past,

Grief, pain and death I fear no more,

The heights of love are gained at last

I stand entranced at heaven's door,

In realms of bliss so pure, so bright,

Surpassing words of tongue or pen,

With new, glad eyes, oh glorious sight,

I shall see Jesus then.


--Mrs. Ida M. Roberts

Mattoon, Ky.


Source:  Crittenden Press. (Marion, Ky.), March 24, 1904, Image 6 - Chronicling America - The Library of Congress.