by Mrs. Ida May Roberts


I stand amid the storms of life

Unmoved by tempest shock.

I safely hide-- my feet abide,

On Christ the solid Rock.


When young, the storms began to beat

On my defenseless head,

At mercy's call, I gave up all

And to this refuge fled.


I built on this foundation true,

The winds may howl around,

I have a sweet, a safe retreat,

That no where else is found,


Though storms grow fiercer, wilder still

And vainly strive to shake,

My refuge sure, will prove secure,

For God will not forsake.


My Father rules, then I can sing,

And smile at fiercest blast

Let tempests roar, they will soon be o'er

I'll reach my home at last.


At times when everything seemed lost,

The waves rolled mountain high,

My Lord appeared, His voice I heard,

"Be not afraid 'tis I."


All things are working for my good

I have made God my stay,

I lean for rest, upon His breast,

Whom winds and waves obey.


The last great storm is yet to come,

Supreme and final test,

But then I'll find, all powers combined

Can not disturb my rest.


Ah; that will be an awful time,

When all of earth gives way,

I'll fly from storm, and earthly harm,

To everlasting day.


Source:  Crittenden Press. (Marion, Ky.), March 9, 1911, Image 8 - Chronicling America - The Library of Congress.