An Interesting War Record by F. S. Loyd,
of Fredonia, Lieutenant Company H.

Part 7 of 11

Wednesday, October 11, left Cartersville, Ga., at daylight, got to Cassville, eight miles, then to Kingston, Ga.  Marched two miles from Kingston, on the Rome road and camped at a large white house on the road near Ettawa river and remained all night; beautiful place for a camp.  Very fine day for marching.

Thursday, October 12, marched early in the morning to Rome, Ga., crossing several creeks.  The 48th Illinois was at Rome when we got there.  James Swing was appointed Adjutant at this place.  Camped in an old field.  Beautiful weather for marching.  Made a march of twelve miles today.

Friday, October 12, received orders to move early in the morning.  Marched out on the Sand Bluff road, passing through the town of Rome, marched out about four miles; came up with the enemy, ordered to charge them, capturing two pieces of artilery and a number of prisoners, the Rebels leaving their dead and wounded on our hands.  We killed one and wounded a number of them.  We then returned to Rome, taking the artilery and prisoners with us, arriving in our old camp after dark.

Saturday, October 14th.  We marched at 7 o'clock from Rome, taking the Racaka road, marched through Caltoon, Ga., camped 6 miles from Caltoon, crossing several streams.  Beautiful weather for marching, good roads.  We marched eleven miles today.

Sunday, October 15th, marched at 6 o'clock, passing over Hards creek and some other streams; crossed over Oskloosa river, through Rassacca and camped one mile from town for the night.

Monday, October 16th, marched at 6 o'clock in the morning and came to the battleground where the battle had been fought in March, to the foot of Snake creek gap, halted, ate dinner, cut some trees out of road that the Rebels had cut down to stop our artilery.  Marched through the gap and camped in an old field about 9 o'clock in the night, making a march of about fifteen miles today.  Beautiful weather for marching.

Tuesday, October 17th, ordered to move at 5 o'clock but the order was countermanded and we were all ordered to curtail our baggage down to quarter baggage and prepare for a long and hard march.  Beautiful day.

Wednesday, October 18th, ordered to move at 5 o'clock and marched out on the Summerville road, marched twelve miles and halted one hour for dinner, marched on up Taylor's Valley and through Taylor's Gap and over Taylor's mountain, taking some works that the Rebels had built on the top of the mountain.  Marched down in the old field and camped for the night, making a march of twenty-four miles.

Thursday, October 19th, ordered to be ready to move at 10 o'clock, but did not move until 11 o'clock.  The third division passed us, marched out, crossing Chattahoocha river, passing thro' Summerville, crossing Sand creek; camped on the bank of a beautiful creek near a little town, making a march of ten miles.

Friday, October 20th, ordered to march at 5:30 o'clock, moved out, crossing a large creek, passing through a small town, marching very rapid in the morning, crossing Mills creek and passed through Gailsville, Ala., crossing the Georgia and Alabama line about 9:30 a. m.  Stopped for dinner about one mile south of Gailsville; moved up on the side of the hill and remained all night; making a march of sixteen miles in a half a day.  Beautiful weather for marching.

Saturday, October 21, ordered to march at 8 o'clock a. m., but the order was countermanded and we did not move, laid in camp all day; the 16th, 17th and 14th passing us.  Beautiful weather, cool and pleasant.

Sunday, October 22nd.  Our regiment was ordered at 6:00 o'clock to go out foraging.  We marched out about 6 o'clock, marched about six miles, loaded six wagons with beef, pork and potatoes and other vegetables, and returned to camp.  Rained all night steady.

Monday, October 23.  Ordered to move at a moment's notice.  We started out at 9:30, marched out on the Cedar Bluff road, crossing Chattahoosha river and camped on the bank of Coosey river and remained all night.  Beautiful weather for marching.

Tuesday October 24th, ordered to move at a moment's warning but did not move; rained all day.

Wednesday, October 25th, laid in camp all day.  Nothing of any consequence took place today; all quiet.

Thursday, October 26th, ordered to be ready to move at a moment's warning.  The 3rd division went out on a reconoitering and we were to be ready to support them.  We did not move, as they could not find the enemy.  Rained hard in the evening.

Friday October 27th, laid in the camp all day.  Nothing doing.

Saturday, October 28th, laid in camp until 3 o'clock when we received orders to be ready to move out.  We were detached from the brigade and marched toward Rome, marched four and one-half miles and camped for supper, marched half mile back and camped for the night.

Saturday, October 29th, ordered to move at four o'clock in the morning and taking charge of a lot of beef cattle.  Very dark before day.  Passed the 14th corps before they got up.  We crossed the Georgia and Alabama line about 6 o'clock, passed through Mudtown, Ga., camped in sight of Rome, Ga., making a march of about 23 miles.


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Source:  Crittenden Record-Press. (Marion, Ky.), November 23, 1911, Edition 2, Image 3 - Chronicling America - The Library of Congress.

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