A Soldier's Letter

A Soldier's Letter" written by Burrell Sisco describes the Moro massacre that occurred on Jolo Island, Philippines on March 8, 1906. This letter was printed in the Crittenden Record in two parts. Part One was printed in the November 16, 1906 issue and Part Two was printed in the November 23, 1906 issue.
Burrell Francis Sisco (1881-1972) was the son of Lemuel Preston Sisco and Drucella Frances Enoch.

An Old Deed - October 31, 1907

This article from the October 31, 1907 Crittenden Record=Press is an interesting Livingston County Court Document from August 9, 1832 where James Sullinger swears that he served in the Revolutionary War in North Carolina.

The Travis Family by James F. Price

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The Travis Family

WWI - Crittenden County Inductees

The following is a list of Crittenden County men ordered to report for military duty in WWI. It was transcribed from the database "U.S., Lists of Men Ordered to Report to Local Board for Military Duty, 1917–1918".

WWI - Crittenden County Inductees

Crittenden Press' 45th Anniversary - July 14, 1922

Here is an article from the July 14, 1922 Crittenden Press about the Press' 45th Anniversary.

Crittenden Press' 45th Anniversary

Fredonia - May 5, 1922

Here is an article from the May 5, 1922 Crittenden Press about Fredonia.


In 1860 - July 29, 1921

Here is an article from the July 29, 1921 Crittenden Press about Crittenden county in 1860.

In 1860

Marion - Part Two - June 3, 1921

Here is part two of an article from the June 3, 1921 Crittenden Press by W. F. Hogard about Marion.

Marion - Part Two

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