Sugar Grove Congregation - February 11, 1904

Here is an article from the February 11, 1904 Crittenden Press that lists the Sugar Grove Church pastor, elders, deacons and lay members:

Sugar Grove Congregation


Decoration Day, Monday, May 30, 1892

Here is an article about the Decoration Day observance at the old Marion cemetery on Monday, May 30, 1892.

Decoration Day

Twenty Minutes at Fredonia - September 25, 1890

Here is an article about Fredonia from the September 25, 1890 Crittenden Press:

Twenty Minutes at Fredonia


Marion Brass Band - September 18, 1890

Here is an article about the Marion Brass Band from the September 18, 1890 Crittenden Press.

The Year 1902 in Local History


Events That Have Transpired in Crittenden and Livingston Counties During the Past Twelve Months.


Crittenden Press. (Marion, Ky.) 1879-1907, January 8, 1903, Image 2 - Chronicling America - The Library of Congress.

Illustrated Edition - August 16, 1894

Illustrated Edition - August 16, 1894

The August 16, 1894 issue of the Crittenden Press is a twelve page, three part "Illustrated Edition" containing information about Crittenden County's agricultural resources; its educational, religious and business institutions; biographical sketches of prominent people; and a review of the value of our mineral wealth.


Part First. Part Second. Part Third.

Page 1

Page 5

Page 9

Page 2

Page 6

Page 10

Page 3

Page 7

Page 11

Page 4

Page 8

Page 12

Guide to Civilian Organizations Crittenden County Kentucky

I found an interesting document on the Kentucky Digital Library website regarding civilian organizations of Crittenden County.  This document was prepared by the WPA in December of 1942.

Here is the document:  Guide to Civilian Organizations Crittenden County Kentucky

New Canada and Stembridge Photo Gallery

Here are some Canada and Stembridge photos that I was fortunate to be given last week.  They are from Mildred Crowell.  She is the granddaughter of Ike and Addie (Canada) Stembridge.

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