The following biographical sketches were transcribed from digital images of Kentucky. A History of the State. by J. H. Battle, W. H. Perrin, & G. C. Kniffin. F. A. Battey Publishing Company, 1885.

Archibald, Lorenzo A Countzler, Peter Mitchell, Joseph Reynolds, John W
Bailey, G W Crews, D H Montgomery, John Jr Rice, J L
Bailey, H C Crowley, Edmund G Montgomery, Thos G Rork, William G
Bailey, John G Crowley, W D Moore, Sidney Carter Rudy, Jacob A
Baker, George M Doris, C A Moore, W I Russell, F M
Baker, James Duncan, William G Morehead, David Russell, W J F
Baker, W T Eakins, Isaiah Morrow, Will A Smith, John W
Barnhill, James W Edwards, Algernon Mounts, Campbell T Sokolski, H
Bassett, John A Franklin, James W Nall, George W Soyars, James T
Beard, Johnson H Givens, Henry Niswonger, Alexander Spencer, Charles W
Beeson, Charles F Givens, John W Northen, William S Stiman, Frederich W
Bentley, A E Givens, Thomas K Orsburn, John W Strother, Henry
Beymer, Charles A Griffin, P H Orsburn, R M Tapp, Robert Calvin
Bishop, E G Griffith, William H Osburn, Isaac Taylor, Pigman
Brame, Andrew J Hall, L B Owen, Frank A Timmons, J E
Brill, Gregory Hardwick, C C Palmer, James D Towry, George H
Brooks, Willis C Hearin, Ellis Parker, George Watson, Allen
Burdon, John LeMaster Hicks, James J Parker, John C Watson, B
Campbell, George W Hicks, Shelby Parker, John H Whitson, Harman H
Chandler, James M Holloman, Harvey B Parker, William R Whittinghill, D C
Chandler, William M Horner, Stephen R Patterson, John W Williams, James C
Clark, Gilbert N Jackson, T J Payne, Thomas B Williams, Sylvester H
Clark, James M James, Benjamin C Jr Petry, Henry Willingham, J A
Clark, William B Jenings, Benjamin Poole, William W Winstead, Bush D
Clayton, P D Jenkins, William H Powell, J A Wise, Henry H
Coffman, James Perry Justice, J A Price, B H Womack, Oliver C
Coffman, Richard F Korb, Lewis Price, J D Woodson, John J
Coleman, William S Lisman, W C Price, Thomas E Wynns, John D
Corbett, Joseph McGaw, John P Pride, Charles H  
Couch, L J Melton, James L Pullam, Benjamin B  
Couch, Powhatan J Melton, James Qualls, James Henry